StealthGas ponders orders for LPG newbuildings

Vafias is  looking at “a...

Greece-based owner rules out further equity offerings to fund its next acquisitions

More World Market Data

Cockett Bunker Prices

Tuesday 02 September 14 380cst
Rotterdam 568-572 -7
Singapore 592-599 -2
Houston 579-582 +
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Intelligent shipping

Intelligent shipping

A blog about asset performance and innovation in ship operations

Shippers and forwarders: we want to hear from you

Shippers and forwarders: we want to hear from you

Containerisation International’s annual shipper survey now live

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Top 100 container ports

Top 100 container ports

Find out more about the top 100 container ports performance

Newsmaker of the Year shortlist

Newsmaker of the Year shortlist

Now is your chance to vote for the 2014 Newsmaker of the Year.

Middle East

In the first six months of...

Central & South America

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