Next Generation 2015 People | Markets | Technology

Next Generation 2015 People | Markets | Technology

Find out who Lloyd's List sees as shipping's rising stars

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North America

The fear of what happens next

Shipowners are ready to splash...

A recent flurry of tanker sale and purchase activity has spooked some as they consider the soft pricing implications and what this means both short and long term



Daily Poll

Who do you think will be the next secretary-general of the IMO?


Market Data

813 (-10) Baltic Dry Index

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Encourage your kids to go to sea

Encourage your kids to go to sea

It was once popular to 'run away' to sea, but we now need young people to run towards maritime careers

IMO Election 2015

IMO Election 2015

Lloyd's List looks at the six candidates and the future of the IMO

Special Reports

Intelligent shipping

Intelligent shipping

A look at how innovation and technology is making shipping better

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