RBS appoints outsider to top shipping job

RBS has appointed Alan Devine...

Alan Devine charged with $10bn book despite having no industry background

Intelligent shipping

Intelligent shipping

A blog about asset performance and innovation in ship operations

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Maersk’s cultural journey

Jensen: Spoke to more than 110...

Former employee and SeaIntel founder Lars Jensen charts the transformation of the world’s number one box line over the past decade into a “normal” company

North America


Daily Poll

The CSSF will be concerned...

Will the Container Ship Safety Forum improve boxship safety standards?


Market Data

1061 (21) Baltic Dry Index

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P3 is dead. Long live C3?

P3 is dead. Long live C3?

Box network formed by three Chinese state giants on China-Japan trade faces scrutiny

Newsmaker of the Year shortlist

Newsmaker of the Year shortlist

Now is your chance to vote for the 2014 Newsmaker of the Year.

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