Vale and Cosco’s 14-carrier deal casts doubt over Beijing ban on valemaxes

Vale and Cosco Group have...

UPDATE: Chinese state giant will buy four vessels and build 10 to ship Brazil iron ore

Distrust remains high in ballast water systems and rule enforcement

Your views on ballast water

Lloyd’s List survey lifts lid on industry sentiment on controversial environmental legislation

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Some dry bulk carriers are...

Is shipping doing enough to prevent the spread of ebola?


Market Data

1181 (-5) Baltic Dry Index

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Readers flock to immerse themselves in Ocean Three detail

Readers flock to immerse themselves in Ocean Three detail

Container shipping’s sea change attracts the biggest waves of interest



FREE CONTENT: Variations in fuel energy can mean less bang for your buck

Special Reports

SMM 2014

SMM 2014

It's all systems go at Hamburg’s innovation showcase

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